Return Policy

Thank you for choosing to shop with Wish Upon a Bead! I hope you enjoy your product as much as I enjoyed making it! Please remember to always supervise children with beads; they are considered a choking hazard. Never leave children unattended with necklaces, as I do tie them very tight something could happen and they could put them in their mouth. Also feel free to tag us on for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page! 
There are no refunds or exchanges on anything clearance, heavily discounted, or any type of custom order. I also am not liable for any lost, stolen, and/or damaged package that maybe be caused by the USPS. If you change your mind on a color or just feel that you can’t follow through with the purchase please contact me directly and we can figure something out. (If I haven’t shipped your order out yet and you change your mind contact me ASAP.) Sometimes things happen and they do break! (It has happened to me! No worries!) There is a $5 fix fee which covers the shipping and to restring it and knot it.
I love making these for you guys! So I hope you love them just as much!
If there is anything that you ever need don't hesitate to contact us.
Best way to contact is through an email -



Current TAT is a minimum of 21 days not including weekends.